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The “Hymn to Sophia” from the non-Biblical Wisdom of Solomon

Wisdom, the fashioner of all things, taught me,
For there is in Her a power that is intelligent and sacred,
Unique, manifold, sublime,
Mobile, clear, undefined,
Distinct, beyond harm, loving the good, keen,
Unhindered, beneficent, generous,
Firm, sure, free from care,
Affecting all and observing all,
And interpenetrating all beings
That are intelligent, pure, and as subtle as She.
For Wisdom is more mobile than any motion,
And She permeates and penetrates everything,
For She is the embodied breath of divine power.

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... The Logos-Wisdom ...

" The Logos-Wisdom is the principle of all Divine and Esoteric Revelations. She has the characteristics of being the indwelling revealer of God. She IS the active principle and the transmitter of all Divine knowledge as well the cosmological cause of all creation. "

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