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Comment Title:   " Comment on Archons ",  on article id#279.. Last edited 2022-06-19 at 9hr,

I the author of this website will comment on Archons.

 It is, the "Lower Psychism" and "Higher Psychism" that operates this world. They are located under the so called "portals" that I consider as  Archons.
   First, what archons wants is, that you focus your focus energy on them, good or bad , it no matter.
They will expand their energy into your energy, and hijack it. Need to recognize them. Watch your thoughts and actions.
Be, particularly aware about those people, that call themselves prophets and/or clergy that advocate your sacrifices.
   Therefore, focus your focus energy on your spiritual Father.
He always loves you, and does not need any of your sacrifices. He want you only to have a " true good will ", good karma toward others.
   Archons lack the ability to express the creative force, it looks like cyborg like mentality. But can handle any kind of energy, extremely well.
I think though that their sensitivity to constant variations in energy levels, which I did experience for several years, makes them like that; manipulating by accessing the human psyche, manipulating humans perception of reality.
Eg. if given some material and asked them to create something, they could not do it. They are thinking in frames and images.
While doing some web programming in php, I had plenty of examples, that did show thinking in frames and images fashion was sometimes way supperior to our way of thinking. It seems that they lack of logical thinking, our left side brain capabilities. Our left side brain capabilities or logical thinking capabilities are imparted to Us by Self; a spirit particle that animates our body, located within our Soul and given to Us by The Most High Father located in The Pleroma. This spirit particle is known to some, as a personal Self/Atman.
So, the archons; if one added to 2 already wooden blocks, another 2 wooden blocks and ask them, how many blocks are there, the archons could not tell. They will wait for you to think about the final score.
Then, a billionth of a second, before your consciousness realize the final score, they will hijack your thought, and then tell you the final score of how many wooden blocks are there but you have to think about it first.
They are experts of taking something that already exists ( hijack ) and twist it.
They, the archons parasite everything. So, like I said watch your thoughts and actions toward others.


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" Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. " --Robert A. Heinlein
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